Gore Place,  Waltham MA was the location for Monika and Fredricks wedding reception with Pepper’s Fine Foods Catering the event.  We had the tail end of hurricane Hana with lots of rain and the day was very hot and humid.  Monika and Fredrick seemed to not mind the weather and we had a great time throughout the day that I spent with them.  I was very happy to have a few moments during the reception that the rain broke and we were able to get some outside images.  I was very lucky to have the easy going and pretty laid back couple 🙂   I’ll stick to this mind set, “You never know what you can get until the moment happens”.  I love going to weddings with an open mind and I’m always looking for cool locations and moments to unfold in front of me.  No pre-conceived ideas or locations for my wedding coverage; I get most of my best images on the fly.  Fredrick surprised everyone by singing a song to Monika.  Continued love and happiness, Walter

American "Wedding" Gothic

American “Wedding” Gothic