I attended the The 61st Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Professional Photographers Association Annual Convention 2010 “Reach for the Stars” I entered four prints and two albums into the print competition. I received eight awards for the collection of images and albums. Kodak Gallery Award for “A Perfect Fit”, Master Court of Honor for “Throwback”, WHCC award for The Most Creative Wedding Image for “Close Encounter”, the highest scoring print by a PPA Certified Photographer for “Close Encounter & Throwback” for both the State and National award, Album Court of Honor for “Alison & Benjamin”,  the Treskunoff Award for Highest scoring print case and Judges Choice Award for “Throwback. I would like to thank the panel of judges: Jury Chairperson Nancy Holowitz, Gary Thibeault (Judges Choice Award), Bert Behnke, Cindy Behnke, Jeff Dachowski, Bruce Hudson, and Dianne Miller-Yeatman.

Update: I was just awarded the 2010 Wedding Court of Honor (top wedding image in New England) at the Professional Photographers of New England annual photographic competition for the print “Close Encounter”

Update 2: “Throwback” was accepted to the 2011 PPA Loan Collection and “Close Encounter” + “Life’s a Drag” were accepted into the 2011 PPA General Collection.

Close Encounter


Life’s a Drag

A Perfect Fit